Leukämie-Online e.V. / LeukaNET is an independent and vital online community for leukaemia patients in German-speaking countries. This web-based network supports patients by translating and reporting news about new research publications and various treatment options for leukaemia. It also provides background information on different forms of the disease, treatment options and other relevant information necessary to talk to a patient's physician of choice. Members of the community can participate in a highly frequented discussion forum, ask questions and share their own experience. They can also submit news articles to the website, review books, suggest web links, or update the patient-friendly glossary on haematology.

Leukämie-Online was launched in April 2002 by Jan Geissler, having received his diagnosis of chronic myeloid leukaemia (CML), a rare cancer characterised by the presence of a chromosomal abnormality in blood cells, at the age of 28. At the time of Jan’s diagnosis, the only well-tested treatment options were stem-cell transplantation and Interferon-alpha. An experimental drug that had shown promising results in the US in patients with CML was also being tested in clinical trials in Germany. Jan joined one of these early-phase clinical trials.

Leukämie-Online has no commercial interest and is a registered not-for-profit charity in Germany. The online community has been developed, run and financed by patients.

Even though the website is in German language only, it collaborates very closely with patient organisations all across the world, as research reports which are a key source of information for patients today are usually published in English. Leukämie-Online has been a co-founding member of the CML Advocates Network which connects almost 130 patient organisations in more than 90 countries today. Our Web Links Database also contains references to relevant information on CML in English language on the internet.

Our Memberships

Leukämie-Online is a founding member of the CML Advocates Network, a global platform for almost 130 patient organisations in more than 90 countries. CMLan_150px
Leukämie-Online is a member of the Deutsche Leukämie- und Lymphom-Hilfe e.V (German Leukemia and Lymphoma Support, DLH). The DLH, founded in 1995, has become Germany's largest advocacy group representing patients with blood diseases and their relatives. It provides local support groups in all major regions in Germany and has become a very influential representative of blood cancer patients in various health policy forums in Germany. Logo DHL

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Any kind of feedback is highly appreciated. Please feel free to contact us via email at or via our feedback page.

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Unser Buch "Manchmal ein Kunststück: 16 Drahtseilakte des Lebens mit Leukämie" porträtiert auf 128 Seiten sechzehn Menschen mit CML in Wort und Bild. Nun erhältlich!


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"Wissenshorizonte – aktuelle Perspektiven auf ein Leben mit CML“ – eine kostenlose Online-Seminarreihe für CML-Patient*innen und Angehörige. Die Aufzeichnungen der bisherigen Seminare findet Ihr hier.

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